Reporting Features

CTV Campaign Reporting And Analytics

Clear and easy-to-understand reporting to drive better campaigns

At ConsulTV, we understand that data-driven marketing starts with data you can trust. That’s why our platform combines metrics from all tactics and campaigns into one easy-to-understand reporting interface, providing you with clear and reliable data that can help drive better campaigns.

All Your Metrics in One Place

Use our consolidated reporting platform to see all marketing channel’s performance data in one easy-to-use dashboard. We use simple uniform measurements, reporting methods, and data to get the most out of reporting. Plus, we make it easy to share with external users such as clients or your boss!
Programmatic TV ad exchange

Remove the Barriers to Data-Driven Marketing

Reporting is an essential function for digital marketing success. It needs to be transparent and easy to understand all core metrics. Don’t add complexity and lose clarity by piecing together multiple platforms into a solution that just kind of works. ConsulTV reporting is built in order to handle complex campaigns without adding complications to your team.
API integrations

Seamless Integration with Leading Ad Tech

Eliminate the need to reconcile Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from different measurement platforms and make clear comparisons based on tactics. ConsulTV reporting seamlessly integrates with leading ad tech, with 100+ API integrations, allowing you to combine all your data sources in one platform, saving you time and resources while providing you with a clear overview of your marketing campaign performance.

Drive Better Campaigns with ConsulTV

At ConsulTV, our platform provides you with clear and easy-to-understand reporting that helps you drive better campaigns. With us, you’ll have confidence in your data and make informed decisions to help you achieve your marketing goals. Contact us today by filling out our online form or call 866-523-2420 to experience the benefits of consolidated and reliable data in one dashboard.