Demo Targeting

Demo Targeting

Target a specific set of qualified customers with narrowed targeting to reduce wasted impressions.

At ConsulTV, our demographic targeting approach allows your business to focus on reaching specific demographic groups, such as marital status, race, age, income, homeowners, and more. This targeted strategy enables you to reach your target audience and exclude any slices of the population irrelevant to your business.

Demo Targeting Benefits

The benefits of demographic targeting in display advertising are significant. You can narrow your targeting to waste fewer impressions, saving money on your advertising budget. By focusing on a specific set of customers more likely to qualify for your products and services, you’ll increase conversion rates and improve ROI.

Allows your business to target a specific set of customers who are more likely to be qualified for your products and services
Narrows your targeting with fewer “wasted” impressions

Reach Your Ideal Customer Demographic

ConsulTV’s programmatic advertising campaigns allow you to test the performance and effectiveness of your ads by serving customers living squarely in your demographic. We understand that each business has its unique set of needs, and we cater to those specific needs. Whether you’re selling products that benefit single moms living above a particular household income or marketing services best aimed at couples on a budget, we’ve got you covered.

Our demographic targeting strategy works well for social services, the health sector, educational institutions, or any other business trying to establish a base in a new niche demographic. Our expert team will help you figure out the specific demographics of your market faster than any other method.

Targeted Demographic Advertising

Choose ConsulTV for Demo Targeting Advertising Solutions

ConsulTV’s programmatic advertising campaigns are the solution for businesses looking to reach their ideal customer demographic. Whether you want to attract specific age groups, income brackets, or homeowners with children, we’ll help you establish a base in a niche demographic based on the unique needs of your business. Contact us by filling out our online form or call 866-523-2420 to evaluate the effectiveness of your ads and drive customers to your business.